Monday, August 25, 2014


An Old Wound, the first story in the “No Place For Mercy” anthology, touches on a timely subject: police racial violence. But this is not your usual kind of police racial violence story. This is the story of a man who made a mistake a long time ago, and despite doing what he could to make up for it, he remains haunted by the knowledge that he can never really "make it right."

Profiling and intolerance continue to plague our modern world, where human beings too often look for what is different in others before considering what we all have in common. Racial discrimination is purely a product of ignorance and intolerance, and has no place in the modern world, yet it remains the menacing dragon that cannot be slain.

In “An Old Wound,” an African-American police officer who lived through the Detroit Race Riots as a teenager is haunted by a mistake from those times. A mistake he made when he reacted violently in concert with the exploding world around him.

This Detroit cop, just a week from retirement, is feeling the heavy weight of his actions from those bad old days. He's trying to avoid trouble his last week on the job and dreams of a peaceful retirement, reading in solitude and spending more time with his grandson. In seeking the shadows, his past is about to be brought straight out into the illuminating glare of his personal spotlight where he will face his moment of truth.

AN OLD WOUND is one of the short stories in the anthology "No Place For Mercy," available at

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