Monday, September 22, 2014

WWII: Retreating From The Russian Front, German Troops Get The Shock Of Their Lives...

For Nazi Germany, the war is lost.

For the men retreating from both the Eastern Front and their belief in Adolf Hitler's promise of victory, all they have left to fight for is their lives. There is no time to dwell on what went wrong, or to belabor the mistake they made following the bellicose braying of the fanatical F├╝hrer of Germany. Every waking moment is possessed of one thing: their tenuous grasp on life.

Now the bloodied and battered survivors of several regiments have coalesced into a rag-tag group of soldiers led by the remnants of the 3rd Mountain Division. They must rely on their teenage sniper, a young man more at home making toys in his father's workshop than fighting in a global conflict that will decide the fate of nations and redraw the map of the world for generations to come.

As they wait for the first light of dawn for their planned breakout, they are pursued by Russian troops to the small, shell-blasted village that was not worth the lives it took to secure it. Supplies and morale are fading, but the will to live is still strong. These men have only each other to rely on as their situation becomes more hopeless, but some dare to dream of what they might do after the war.

But that dream is threatened when their officers and soldiers start being methodically picked off by some unseen foe. As their numbers dwindle, they come to an inescapable conclusion. Their avenue of escape back to the Fatherland has been cut off. They have been surrounded.

Surrounded by an entire company of Russian snipers.

All of them women.

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