Monday, October 6, 2014


For the Alpha Male leader of a pack of gray wolves being pursued by a small group of hunters, there can be no rest. He must lead his embattled charges to safety, out of the range of the rifles of those pursuing them.

The Alpha Male Wolf lost his mate to these hunters, shot down beside him as they rested after a long night of fruitless searching for food in the barren, frozen north.

Thoughts of his mate torture him like a long, cold blade through his heart.

They say animals don't have feelings like human beings, but most wolves mate for life. And the loss of his partner has cast a pall over this wolf's existence. He has led their pursuers on a long chase, desperately trying to shake them and safeguard the rest of his pack. There has been no sign of the hunters for half a day.

Now he has turned back.

The leader of the pack retraces his path until he comes upon the beleaguered band of humans who killed his mate – and finds them asleep. They have succumbed to the frigid cold, lying still in their camp.

Could this be a trap?

Or will the hunters now become the hunted?

Either way, high noon has arrived for these wolves and their human antagonists, and there shall be no place for mercy from either side.

”No Place For Mercy” is one of the short stories in the anthology of the same name, available at

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