Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I just began using Write It Now version 4 to write my novel for National Novel Writing Month.

I am creating the cast of characters first. Write It Now has an excellent tool for creating characters of great depth. This feature makes it fun to craft your characters, trait-by-trait, and fault-by-fault.

Write It Now version 4 includes prompts that help guide you as you fill in the personality of each character in your novel. Then when you are writing, the character profile is just a mouse-click away for reference. This is a very handy feature that eliminates the need for a stack of index cards or "sticky" notes attached to some object near your computer.

I want to create all of the characters first, then I will begin to outline the novel in preparation for the official launch of National Novel Writing Month 2014.

This is my first use of this novel-writing software, so I'm not fully comfortable with it yet. I will let you know about my experience utilizing this Write It Now upon completion.

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